Simon hayes

A Modular Typeface


Design a typeface based on an iconic piece of architecture or architect. The font should be directly linked to the structure itself and could use the history, the era in which it was designed, details of the construction,  materials, shape, composition, formation or atmosphere.



Create a typeface including numerals and uppercase based on the modular structure of various electricity pylons from around the world. 




A display typeface named modular displayed in a variety of mediums such as a type-specimen book posters and postcards.


Type-specimen book

Pylons are designed to go as unnoticed as possible. The lattice construction allows people to see through it to the background and the sky. The type-specimen book is delicately designed, using a monotone colour scheme of pastel blue and grey, to visually represent the idea that these incredible structures go unnoticed and are looked right though to whats behind them. Other graphical elements such as transparent paper are also used to illustrate the fact that pylons are invisible to the public eye. 

The book is also designed to an A3 scale, to celebrate the vastness of their structures and Japanese bound to represent the main component of pylons, their cables.