Simon hayes

The Wandering Whittler


Explore and celebrate a craft and all that could entail.


I decided to focus my project toward wood carving and whittling. After spending the day visiting Sophie Heron's workshop Made by Herons the modesty of the craft became apparent as only basic hand held tools are required to create carvings with a high finish... and a lot of practice! 


While researching this craft I found that whittling is one of the very few crafts which you can do while you're on the move, as long as you have the necessary equipment at hand. My solution was the Wandering Whittler, a cleverly designed compact whittling kit, complete with the four basics to wood carving, a small knife or 'whittle', a sharpening stone, tear-off sandpaper, and a note book containing illustrated instructions and information about the craft. The typography through out the brand is inspired by the wandering grain found in wood.